The OTM thanks all who supported and attended the 2024 Wild Game Potluck

The Old Trail Museum’s Annual Wild Game Potluck on March 23rd was a resounding success. The event was a testament to the strength of our community and its continued support of the Old Trail Museum. We want to thank Jim and Barb Bouma for allowing us to have the event at the Rocky Mountain Convention Center at the Stage Stop Inn. The hotel staff did an amazing job of helping OTM board and guests and helped make the event a success.

A huge thanks goes out to all who attended the event and brought delicious dishes for the potluck. We depend on the donated food to host the Wild Game Potluck. Without these donated dishes, none of this event is possible. Happy hunting in the New Year and we all look forward to more tasty game and tame dishes in future years.

Another huge thanks to all of the folks who took part in our 50/50 and raffle contests, as well as our live and silent auctions, both donors and bidders. The money raised by these contests and auctions provides a large portion of our operating budget each and every year. Your support is invaluable, thank you so much.

Thanks to our table sponsors. These businesses and individuals were very generous this year and we appreciate their continued support of our mission. May we work again together in 2025 to make that event a success again! Thanks go out to our OTM board members and their families: Dave and Ardene Zion and their daughter Annie Olson, Clayton and Kathy Ketcham, Dave and Vivi Shea, Steve and Karen Taormina, Gary and Jean Dale, Al and Elaine Wiseman, Polly and Bill Cunningham, Sue Bechtel, as well as Susan Luinstra and Christa Morgan.

A very special thanks also goes out to Julie Ameline, our previous Director and her daughters, Aimee and Sharman. Their support and efforts in assisting Old Trail Museum are highly appreciated. We can’t say enough about how helpful you are! Another very special thanks goes out to the Kesler family for their generosity and Bruce’s auctioneering. Thank you, Bruce, for doing a great job and making it an entertaining event, much appreciated. Thank you to Gene Christensen and Old West Lumber for going above and beyond with their support of the Old Trail Museum. A big thanks to Mari Shore and Meraki Coffee for their support, as well as Jammers BBQ of Great Falls. Your continued support and generosity is very special to us and we cannot thank you enough for it!

Thanks again to everyone who attended or donated for this event. You are the reason the event is a success! We all look forward to seeing you again at the 2025 Wild Game Potluck!

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