Unearth the Mystery

The museum is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (closed July 4th).

Museum Bldg
The entrance to the Museum

Admission is only $2.00 each and children 3 and under are free.

The museum complex consists of the main museum building which houses a gift shop, a dinosaur gallery, area artifacts and exhibits. A wooden boardwalk accesses several other buildings including the Grizzly Cabin, the Jesse Gleason Art Studio, the Metis House, the Schoolhouse, the Ice Cream Parlor, a Blackfeet tepee or lodge and the Carriage House gift shop that has Montana-made and locally-made items.

The museum is one of 14 stops on the Montana Dinosaur Trail. The Dinosaurs of the Two Medicine Paleontology Gallery in the main building contains a life-size Maiasaura (the Montana State Fossil) along with a mural of the natural environment by local artist Jim Utsler.

Other paleontology exhibits in the gallery include a dinosaur skull cast of Einiosaurus, a cast of a meat-eating dinosaur, dinosaur footprints, dinosaur eggs, nests, and babies; and tools of the trade. Also included are exhibits of Maiasaura babies, Egg Mountain, dinosaur claws, Cretaceous marine fossils, geology of the Rocky Mountain Front and the Willow Creek anticline and a dino dig display.

Included is a touch bone where children and adults alike will get the opportunity to see (and touch) a real fossilized duck-billed dinosaur thighbone.

In addition to the paleontology the museum contains more exhibits such as, Old Agency on the Teton, Jesse Gleason’s art studio, the Old North Trail, a Metis Red River Cart and Choteau’s last hanging.

After touring the museum enjoy an ice cream from the ice cream parlor located in the museum complex. There are shaded picnic tables for your convenience and plenty of room to park your RV.

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